The SSDV congress: Awards & Grants
Thursday evening, 07.09.23, as part of the SSDV Annual Congress, the Networking Dinner took place at the Lausanne Palace, where the Awards & Grants were presented.
Congratulations to the Award Winners and thank you for a wonderful evening:
  • Ferdinand von Hebra Award:
    Peter Itin, USB
  • Swiss Skin Cancer Award:
    Annalisa Saltari, USZ
  • Louis Widmer Grant:
    Barbara Meier-Schiesser, USZ
  • Dermatologist from the heart:
    Matiar Madanchi & Sara Cerminara, USB
  • Incyte Award:
    Alina Müller, USB
  • Sanofi- Award:
    Stefanie Schärli, INSEL
  • Pfizer Award:
     Valentina Hongler, USB

We would like our partners for ensuring young dermatologists to help to enable their project.